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This is my most recent project. In contrast to the other project this is a microcontroller based project. I developed a mid-sized board with PIC18F4455 controller chip. The board is able to measure various environment conditions (like temperature, humidity, ...) and controls actuators like fan units. It also monitors and saves data for long term evaluation and comes with USB HID connection for data uploads. Read more


  • project -- The project is hosted by SourceForge
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There is a huge number of PHP Webclients for mpd out there. The project is going to join them into one Client collection. So each player is selectable throuh a nice selector. This is the continuation of the existing projects phpMp, phpMp+, phpMp2, phpMp3, IPodMp and thus as stable as them, although new an shiny. Simple and easy to use. ... and updated to PHP5.


  • project -- The project at SourceForge
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This project is a LAMP-based software collection which enables a user-dependent shop content. It is currently a shop-frontend for photographers who provide their customer's pictures for sale, but only where every customer can see and buy pictures made from/for himself. This enables a user/profile related shop content.




MySqlBogart does backups and restores MySql-Databases:

  • It backups tables and its data.
  • It keeps track of views and its dependencies.
  • It uses only SQL-Syntax (no mysqldump)!
  • It is totally compatible to most mysql-webservices
  • It restores tables, data and views.



myPHP Thoughts

PHP offers nice and handy solutions for developing web applications. Some of my "brightest" ideas are aggregated here myPHP.



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